b'nai mitzvah

The Jewish tradition of learning - is learning. Adam chose knowledge instead of immortality.

A sacred commitment is also a time for celebration. Between the raw emotion of the service, and the energy and love of your family and friends, it is a day filled with beauty and magic that you will remember forever. As I am documenting your day, I make every effort to capture the way it feels, the in between moments that are the essence of your story, with artful intention. 

Many families who book me would describe themselves as uncomfortable in front of the camera (I am too). I approach every family as future friends, and want this experience to be as joyful and unselfconscious as possible. My photography is candid, editorial, relaxed, and informal. I believe that bringing people together should never feel complicated or contrived, and that forced smiles and awkward poses say nothing about who you really are. I bring a sense of humor, a passion for making children feel seen and heard, and a deep and abiding love of Judaism. I am a sucker for tradition and nostalgia, but will be your biggest cheerleader if you choose to do something that defies convention (yay you!). And unless it is important to you, I never interrupt a moment, nor do I recompose them. I do photograph traditional group portraits, but always keep them to a minimum. 

In addition to the family portraits and celebration, most families choose to include a custom portrait session in their planning. These sessions are a celebration of your child – their unique themness, your faith in the person they are becoming. It is also an opportunity for me to work with them one-on-one, beginning our relationship before, and outside of, the more formal settings to come. 

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- Elie Wiesel

Collections begin at $2000.