Play-based, relaxed, with limited intrusion, childhood and family sessions foster a sense of belonging, allowing moments to unfold honestly. My hope is to create imagery that captures the magic of childhood, the relationships that are the heart of that magic, and the way we experience and inhabit the natural world.

Children are as unpredictable as they are expressive, making them lovable and spontaneous, but also sometimes difficult to plan around. For this reason, there is always time built into each session to allow them to set our pace together. To explore. To roam. I encourage you to be free and present during our session, to let go of expectations, to share in the adventure. And because childhood and family sessions are an opportunity to step into your own story, please show up as yourselves.

Children are messy, hilarious, inspiring, wild, curious creatures. Their love is fierce, their imagination boundless. And wonder is a kind of superpower.

These are the things that make my heart sing.

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