Childhood deserves to be documented artfully. Custom school portraiture is a beautiful, candid alternative to traditional school portraits, and I am excited to offer it to schools nationally. My work is influenced by the clean lines and frames of contemporary lifestyle work, as well as the spontaneity of documentary photography.

In the hurriedness of our days, parents and families embrace the opportunity to see their children encouraged to be themselves - silly, curious, quiet, joyful – free from the bright lights and expectations of traditional school photography. Because every child is unique in their style, personality and biography, I try to produce images reflecting that individuality, and make every effort to capture them in the most authentic and unobtrusive way. In just the few minutes I have with each child, I do my best to make them feel comfortable and create honest, candid, fine-art portraits that families can cherish for years to come.

Whether you are hoping to provide your families with a gorgeous new approach to school portraiture (either in the spring or fall), would like to create an impactful way to enhance your fundraising efforts, or are seeking to curate an archive of imagery for future outreach, I’m excited for you to share your vision with me.

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Be silly, be honest, be kind.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Parents and educators, I would love the opportunity to discuss partnering with your school (or anywhere that kids go to grow their hearts and minds).